4 Months from college.

2013-03-21 22:56:49 by Tektyx

Wow.. college is only 4 months from now (March 21st). I can hardly contain the excitement.

I'll be attending the Art Institute of Nashville and will be aiming toward becoming an animator and illustrator. It's going to be fantastic and maybe I'll be able to become further involved in the NG community with some awesome animations and stronger illustrations.

On to my second point, college will be expensive. I'm always open for art commissions and I'll draw you anything you'd like (No obscene sexual pictures mind you) for certain prices.

Line art ($5) - Uncolored line art of character or single object with choice of background and line color.
Colored ($10) - Character or single object colored with minor shading and detail with choice of background color.
Detailed ($20) - Character or single object meticulously detailed and well shaded with the option of a simple background.
Landscape ($25) - A background drawing with no primary focus that is colored and detailed.
Illustration ($40) - Essentially, a combination of detailed and landscape.

One more thing, I'd be more likely to swiftly answer a commission if it was requested via DeviantArt. It's where I spend most of my time.. heh

Have a splendiferous day! =S


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2013-03-21 23:33:30

Art Institute of California is an option for me, but I'm stuck between that and another. I'm in community college right now, so I can tell you that college life is pretty cool.