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Was the super crab walrus from the previous episode perhaps just a condensed version of every walrus from the walrus pit? :I

It's a great animation, with a really important meaning. I really hope this raises a lot of awareness.

Kayas-Kosmos responds:

Thank you :)

I only know how to say "registrar" because being an international student has me visiting them at least twice a week.

And my god are you scaring me right about now, because I am in the same boat right at this time. I have a portfolio submission I have to get through in April in order to get into my program of choice and if I don't get it, I don't know what I'll do. I've never done badly with a portfolio, but I have been super obsessive about these sorts of things in the past...

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This was absolutely adorable! Short and sweet, as well as progressively challenging. :)

Hehe I love it. =)

I am John Steve the incompetent slob whose destined to be eaten by cows.

I was playing through the first one again and I noticed on the wall with all the newspapers one of them mentioned a daughter that went into a coma and never woke up. Is that by any chance Felicity?

Great sequel. I will once again lose plenty of sleep because of this.

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I'm not in any form a music composer, I'm simply writing a review from an emotional standpoint, I don't feel it's my place to critique the composition.

I really like this type of music, not because I take pleasure in feeling emptiness or sadness, but because it always makes me feel connected to every other human being on the planet, because this is a feeling each and every one of us can understand.

The cruel reality stems from leaving an enchanted world of childhood and going to bills, stress, hatred, fear and monotony. The good that may come seems to be painfully temporary and the points between those feeling are filled with negativity. Those of us that keep going are always desperately looking for those little times that make us feel happy. They are way too rare, and all of us deserve better.

Going back to that connection I feel with the world, I've found that the happiest people who never have to grow up and never dread work have felt this despair in their life. These sad emotions should never be the reason to lose sight of life, they should be the key to understanding each other, and working together to work past the tough parts and achieve happiness.

We can't regain our innocence of childhood, but we can definitely overcome how tough our grown lives are and feel that genuine happiness many of us were convinced we missed long ago. Maybe it takes a helping hand, or maybe it's as simple as knowing you're never alone.

Also, to you and Dem0lecule. I love you guy's work, both collab and individual, and I look forward to every new song. :)

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you so much for the wonderful and lengthy review. You've shown to us that you really understand the emotions we put behind the piece, as well as the intention we had with them. You don't need to be a composer to leave a great review, of which you totally are a perfect example right in this moment.

"I really like this type of music, not because I take pleasure in feeling emptiness or sadness, but because it always makes me feel connected to every other human being on the planet..."

=> I feel the same. Music that portrays strong emotions of any kinds, are always my favorite. There is little as important to me, as understanding and feeling both your own emotions, as well as the emotions of those around you. And music is indeed a wonderful way for people to connect, and a person, such as you, with a good understanding of the emotion in art, can get closer to understanding and feeling the same as the artist during creation. That said, it's also important that everyone is allowed a free interpretation and personalization of every track, as ultimately, it's the meaning that it holds to every individual listener that is important.

It's definitely quite an adaption that's required for a person to transition to adulthood, after having had little to no real responsibility, and the person may have been focused more in his/her own little bubble of a world. I mean, I realized pretty early on that even though I live in one of the safest places on earth, there are others around me who face horrors every day. But the older I get, the more strongly it affects me. And being rather good at reading people myself, I've noticed that there is a severe lack of really happy people around nowadays. Because life isn't all about happiness, even though it may be about achieving it. I guess it's about the struggle to get there, in a sense. Of course, not everyone has happiness as a goal. But I would say that I have it. And I already am happy, believe it or not. But I'd like to keep that happiness as an adult as well, but seeing so many people around me with hardships of so many kinds, it gets difficult.

"These sad emotions should never be the reason to lose sight of life..."

=> Couldn't agree more. While this song is intentionally focused more on the darker aspects (you kind of need to focuse on certain aspects when you want to create something solid), we've both included several happy emotions here and there, especially the one of "hope". To an extent, I'd say that several sections are fighting between disbelief and the hard truth, as well as a refusal to accept it, within themselves. We want to believe that there is good in this world. And we should. Because why else would we even really want to live?

The most powerful sorrow is the one that is surrounded by other, more positive emotions. If you want to achieve a really powerful momentary happy effect, you start by dragging people down into sorrow. And after that, you really lift them up to an extreme. Same goes for the other way around. A perfect example of what I mean is "The King of the Pride Rock" from The Lion King. I recommend you to listen to that piece, if you haven't already.
Of course, I also recommend that you listen to the two compositions that were the main inspirations behind this track as well; "Return" and "For Love is strong as Death" by Phonometrologist. If you like tracks that display emotion, I'm sure those would be among your favorites, as they are among mine.

I also agree that we can learn to deal with our adult lives. Part of me feels like rebelling because I want more freedom to do what I want, like composing music and watching anime. But the realistic part of me knows that there are certain things you just have to do. That said, I will always keep them in a healthy balance. I aim to never lose my inner child completely, as without it, I'd be lost for direction. But as for me, I just want to assure you that I am a rather happy person, even though I tend to think a lot about life and about the world, and people, which in turn allows me to be a part of writing tracks like these, despite the fact that in the end, I have nothing to complain about.

Those last words you wrote are really encouraging, and is a huge part of why we keep writing music. While the most important thing is that we ourselves enjoy the music we create, it's always wonderful to know that other people take solace or enjoyment in our music as well.

Thanks again for this review; it made my day, and I'm sure it made dem0lecule's day as well.

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*steals that eye pattern for my own later use..*

I've never seen this owl before. I love the patterns!

Kayas-Kosmos responds:

Thanks :P

I stole the pupils from this blind star-eyed owl


and some contact lenses lol.

Hey this guy looks familiar.. :P

Also I do have some critique to offer you. The moon is conflicting with the lantern as primary light, I think the moon could be a fair bit smaller. Also darker shadows might help make it look more like night. Perhaps a more restrictive color palette too, because night tends to wash out a lot of it.
Lastly, try to keep any text you have away from the edge of the page, that could easily get cropped in the printing process.

Hope that helps! Also I do love Henry the Fenree, he's so cute! ^-^

Kayas-Kosmos responds:

Thanks for the advice bud :D I totally didn't take printing into consideration here! D:

Haha this is cool! I love your pencil work. I think all giraffes should be this classy. :P

UnmaskArt responds:

Thank you, glad you like it.
I think next time I'll give him a pipe, he seems a bit angry that he doesn't have it.

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