Entry #9

A Fabulous Year

2016-11-23 13:56:54 by Tektyx

Hello people I've met who occasionally check my suff out here on NG. It feels like every time I write a new post I must remark on how long ago the last one was.. which was over a year ago.

Anyway, I've been studying rigorously in college. I've learned so much since late summer 2015 and I still have yet to find a reason to regret coming to art school. It's been such an amazing experience and very unlike any other. Progress is easy to see as far as technical and compositional skills, just check out my art through the past 3 or 4 years that I have uploaded here in my gallery. The difference in crazy, and almost embarassing considering how I thought those 2012 submissions were the absolute best drawings ever.

I want to try to be more involved here on the site. There's such a unique community with both incredible professional quality stuff and the immature sense of humor I've always come to this site for. I'll post more artwork as well as be more active commenting and leaving feedback on other work.

Also I've shifted styles in recent times. I'm on a sort of pseudo-creature hiatus and sticking with drawing more from life. The pet portraits arose most from this, because I love drawing them more than anything else. If you want one of your animal, message me, but prices vary around $90 USD depending on complexity and time.

Also if you ever want to maybe collab on a project or just share ideas, I'm frequently on Skype most days, just leave a comment if you want that info and I'll PM it to you.


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2016-11-23 15:19:26

This is an encouraging post :D
You're a very skilled artist, so I look forward to you being more active in both uploading and the community! :)

Tektyx responds:

Aww you're so nice! ^^
I'm taking a trip to Australia in a few weeks and I've never been more excited to get out and just paint all the landscapes and animals! So hopefully I'll have plenty to upload soon. :D


2016-11-23 19:26:30

go go go NG!

Tektyx responds:

Woo! :D